Friday, August 10, 2007

I Am NOT an Issue... I AM a Human Being!

I just got through reading an article by Joan Garry in the Huffington Post. that really trips my trigger.
The phrase she uses, "I am not an issue... I am a human being" comes from a favorite play/movie of my past, "The Elephant Man". In that movie John Merrick is desperately pleading with everyone including his doctor to understand that he has feelings and emotions when he says, "I am not an animal, I am a human being".

To me it makes no sense to discriminate against gays and lesbians as they are obviously pre-disposed to be this way. I know the level of discrimination simply isn't the same, but to me it is very much like being black… I came out of my Mother this way… there was no "choice" made on my part other than to live the American Dream. I want to have free choice and the ability to pursue happiness as long as it doesn't hurt others. At this point to live The American Dream… I have to do it in Germany.

For years I've been feeling like some kind of pawn on the political chessboard. Bill Clinton was my first great political hope. I thought that HE understood the gay issue, that HE would do something about what I saw as a clear-cut issue.

But Big Bill ended up being the first politician to let me down. As my Mother (gotta love her) cried when she realized that Nixon was going to resign the office rather than be impeached, I also cried when Bill Clinton enacted Don't Ask, Don't Tell and then shook my head in wonder as he turned around again and put the knife in deeper with The Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA). So much for voting for a guy that SAYS he is different, that SAYS he wants to make life better for gays and lesbians… It was my first lesson in the idea that politicians lie to get into office, then do whatever the hell they feel like when they get there.

Since the time of Slick Willie "gay marriage" has been a political "issue" and I'm pissed! These people are playing around with my LIFE. People running for the House and Senate will say that they want to repeal DOMA, but when they get into office, they do nothing. Now it is time to look not at Representatives but at a Presidential Candidate. Perhaps a President can change these things which a simple legislator cannot.

Last night was a historical moment in America, but I'm sure most Americans have no idea what I'm talking about. LOGO, a gay and lesbian television station sponsored a forum for the Democratic candidates (all Republicans said they wouldn't want to be a part of such goings on, and Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Chris Dodd seemed to feel the same way). It was the FIRST televised presidential forum to discuss gay and lesbian issues…. Yes issues.

It all went as I expected it to… as I've become accustomed to… They all said that they believed in civil unions, but not everybody could get their head around the whole gay marriage thing. They all said that they would repeal DOMA, and that they support full civil rights for all gays and lesbians. Surprisingly John Edwards did the right thing and actually stated that he would not be supporting gay marriage, and then rescinded an earlier statement in which he had said that he doesn't support it on religious grounds. Come on John, just be honest, it's still about religion to you.

Hillary got a little shock when moderator Melissa Etheridge expressed her disappointment at the Clinton Administration backing both Don't Ask and DOMA. The Ice Woman did her little sidestep and blamed it ALL on the Republican Congress, saying that those NASTY Elephants would have had MUCH more stringent rules placed on the books. Ahem, Mrs. Wanna-be President. Have you ever heard of the VETO? Then she went back to her strong point again… pulling us out of history and saying that NOW things will be different, that when she gets into office she will change this gay "assault" because "that is over". Uh huh… until you get another reason to hang us out to dry. I don't trust Hillary any more than I trust Bill. A Clinton in the White House isn't the answer either. The problem is there aren't any easy answers.

You can watch the whole forum here (cut up by candidate).

The whole thing reminds me of Charles Durning in "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas"

While I was looking for the above movie, I came across this great little diddy.
Baby Bush (Shrub) gets his chance to sing!

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