Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Concert of the Summer

I love my luck.
Over a month ago we learned the P!nk was going to come to Berlin, and I jumped up and down until my dear sweet N managed to get us tickets.


I thought that this would be the pinnacle of my summer... a trip to Greece, then as soon as we get back I would finally see Pink in concert in Berlin.

But one day last week I was opening up my boss' mail and my whole idea of the summer changed! She had been invited to a VIP grand opening of the venue's lounge which would also give her VIP SEATS to the CONCERT! I asked my boss if I could go instead of her, and she said YES!

So now I will be attending a VIP event before the concert, then be given first class seating (if you read the German on the original tickets, you can see that they are standing room only) for the concert of the SUMMER! TEE HEE HEE! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!

Anybody want the original tickets? check E-Bay.
Or let me know!

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