Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Visit to a Horse Barn

On Saturday we had the chance to check out a hunter/jumper horse barn south of the city. N's "new" cousin (long, hard story - maybe for another time) is a sweet young lady that has been riding for eight years and wanted to introduce us to her horse barn.

It was a fantastic time! Perhaps I've been in the city too long, I'd forgotten how fresh and clean air could be. When we popped out of the car I instantly got a nose full of that indescribable horse musk... ahhhh.

The barn is beautiful and the grounds are well cared for. They probably have 40-50 stalls in a U-shape backing up against a gorgeous indoor arena. It has mirrors placed along the long sides for increased visibility, and at the end of the long run on each side is another mirror so you can see yourself the whole way down the line. Attached to the arena with several windows looking in is a cute little cafe. Nice idea for the parents that drive way the hell out of town for their kids' lessons... this way they have something to do. Outside they have three areas set up for three levels of jumping skills. Very sweet!

N.'s cousin did a nice job putting her horse through the paces, did a couple of flying lead changes though... but all in all they looked good together. I can't wait to see her in a show sometime!

Enjoy the pictures!

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