Saturday, September 1, 2007

P!nk in Berlin for IFA

Pink was in Berlin, and I got to see her!!

Maybe I'm just a freak or something, but I really like this woman's music and attitude. She stormed into Berlin for a 70 minute concert which helped open the IFA, a fantastic consumer electronics/toy/gadget gottahaveit fair. The show was staged in the Sommergarten which is an open-air amphitheater in the middle of the super huge, award-winning ICC Berlin.

We bought tickets early on, but soon in the mail came an invitation from Capital Catering who were celebrating the opening of a new VIP Lounge located at the base of the Funkturm. Our original tickets went to E-Bay and quickly disappeared.

Best not to talk much about our experience at the VIP event before the show...let's just say that they were nice to offer the invitation, and that they did have some nice wine. One of the disappointments of the evening was that there would be no VIP seating for the concert... not even a VIP section where we could stand. Sad. The next disappointment was that it had rained on and off for the hours leading up to the event, and of course with an open-air concert, it could have been better circumstances.

I've never seen Pink on stage, and really did enjoy the show. 70 minutes didn't seem very long, she did most of my favorites, and of course did her rendition of "What's Goin' On" to get the audience participation level up. I really enjoy most of the music, let's face it... it is mostly pop drivel, BUT I can enjoy pop drivel if it has a decent beat and good lyrics, which this does. She hit into "Dear Mr. President" which enjoyed a lot of popularity here in Berlin over the summer, and the audience sang it with a sad tone.

As the music from the last encore fizzled out and the stage went dark, the speakers started again playing a P!nk song. We looked at each other confusedly when we heard a large bang from behind us and an obvious glow in the sky. We turned around to see the Funkturm (Radio Tower) glowing green with fireworks. How cool! They had a montage of Pink songs as the backdrop to what turned out to be a short but very nice display. We knew there would be fireworks, but who knew they would be ON the tower!

Unfortunately the SommerGarten is circled by huge Cypress trees, so it was a bit hard to really see the fireworks show. N. commented that we could probably have had a better view from the highway. I caught a few pictures and one video which I'll include below. Sorry they're so crappy... and of course the aforementioned trees are in the way.

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