Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Possible Addition to the Family

Well, we're really considering it very hard... yep, getting a baby blue Vespa. Right now we're going over the whole "well, it is kind of a luxury item", and deciding if it is really something we will use. BUT IT IS SOOOO COOL! Very stylish and modernized while still looking and feeling like the originals. I can imagine myself tooling around the streets of this wonderful city looking SO cool!

They are quite common here in Berlin, and Europe in general. After spending 15 minutes driving around looking for a parking space I always feel jealous when I watch a scooter driver pop up on the sidewalk and park with no stress. The rules for parking are pretty much "where ever you want to"... I'm all for that!

We've been talking about it for some time. Officially we share a car with N.'s parents, and this works out very well. This one would really be mine, N. and I will ride it together when we want to visit one of those locations that parking is almost impossible. It will also help with N.'s pursuit of insurance. Since she's never insured a car, the first car's insurance will be outrageous. This way she can get a history of insurance without paying the outlandish fees.

It is just 50cc which means that we need no special license to drive it, although I will feel a bit safer on the strange Berlin streets with some serious driving brush-up and some explanations of signage... "exactly when do I yield to someone coming from the right"? Then of course we must consider the fact that 50cc may not be enough power to carry my... ahem... voluptuous frame... ahem complete with N.'s much slimmer, but certainly longer physique.

I'll keep you updated on the pursuit... tomorrow we borrow helmets and take a test drive... weather permitting.

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