Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wolziger See for Sailing

Please forgive the way this post looks... I tried Blogger's editing and found it lacking, but now I want to go to bed and don't want to spend the time it will take to code it right.

Today I went sailing with N.'s family to a lovely lake southeast of Berlin named the Wolziger See

We've done this a few times, both N. and her father are qualified to sail, and it really is a lot of fun!

On this lake there is a wonderful water sports and more company named Blossin.

They have many different kinds of boats and wind surfing equipment for rent as well as arranging retreats with many kinds of sports and games including volleyball and climbing. You can camp right on the grounds, or stay in the hostels, but we just drive over for the day, have some wurst, and head home.

On our way we decided not to take the highway and saw some really pretty German countryside... well, the other people in the car did... I kinda took about a 10 minute nap.

When the car stopped suddenly I realized that we were outside of Der Turm in Funkerberg,
not too far from Waltersdorf for all of you IKEA lovers. They had a really cool little restaurant on the first floor up where we had coffee and cake. For one Euro each we got to go up to the top and take a look at the German countryside. The whole place was decorated very nicely with many different "cutsie" things, but the overall effect was very nice.

A very lovely day!

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