Monday, October 8, 2007

Christmas in October

The date, October 6th 2007.
Yes, you are seeing piles of Christmas candy including chocolate Santas.
The location, a supermarket in Berlin, Germany named Kaufland.
OMG! At least in America someone must first remove the Halloween candy to make room for the Christmas goodies.
Is it just me or is the Christmas season being moved up more and more each year?


Dr. J said...

In our local Plus they had them out already by September 21st.

I think soon Easter eggs will be in stores before christmas.

Snooker said...

Actually I think it would be GREAT if Easter Eggs were in stores ALL YEAR LONG! Or maybe I should restate... as long as Cadbury Cream Eggs were available all year long! I really miss the little buggers!

Dr. J said...

Oh dear. A quarter of one of those and I´m feeling ill for the next three days. How do you handle so much condensed sweetness?

Personally I would like to see everything available all year round (like in US and Oz)... because you know sometimes I have a craving for -shock!horror!- pumpkin when it´s OUT OF SEASON!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we Americans are as bad as you Berliners. I was at WalMart yesterday & I was looking at costumes for the kids, & the costumes were in the up/down isles, well, I went to the end of the one isle & along the wall was Christmas wrapping paper & bows & all kinds of other stuff (Christmas stuff). so they don't even take the Halloween candy off the shelves. I was at CVS today, & they are putting out Christmas stuff.