Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cheddar the Cheeze Man

Our little household has had a feline visitor this past week. His Mommy and Daddy are vacationing in Mallorca enjoying sun and temps in the high teens (middle 60's F) as we freeze here in Berlin.

Our visitor's name is Cheddar, but he very often gets called Cheeze-Man or Chester Cheeze here in this house. He's a rather annoying youngster that tends to irritate our grumpy old man Frank. Ya gotta understand, Frank is probably 10 years older than the Cheeze Man, and on top of that, he's stone deaf.

Here's a pic of the Cheeze Man:
It's rare to get him sitting still this long.
Mere seconds after this photo he was once again flying through the air to attack something else.
Nothing is safe in our apartment. Nora's juggling balls are a favorite right now... they are strewn hither and yon just waiting for the black-nosed fiend's next strike.

Cute, eh? Don't be fooled, he is a devil in angel's fur!
Frank simply doesn't move as fast as he did in his youth... our visitor just runs up behind Frank, does something annoying, usually a little nip or a bit of paw boxing, jumps over the old boy, and runs off... mostly before Frank even knows what happened. The original Hit and Run Kitty.

Good 'ole Frankie Blue Eyes


Odie said...

I Finally figured out how to do this, without my husband's help!! One big "WOO HOO" for the Cheeze-Man, you know how I feel about Siamese Cats!! Nobody knows Sam & Son of Sam, or they'd feel the same.

Snooker said...

You know you secretly harbor a love for my kitties!!