Saturday, November 10, 2007

The First Snow of the Season

Today was a rather unusual day in Berlin and much of Germany.
The skies opened up and let forth with snow... the real stuff... in November!
It was good timing for us, we'd just come back from the store, and were taking the stuff inside as little pieces began falling. Twenty minutes later there was a white coating on almost everything.

OK, NOW I'm ready for my trip back to the states. I'll be going to Phoenix for Thanksgiving, and while the weather will of course be much warmer, it is really beginning to seem like the holiday season. When the first Christmas Market stalls go up, THEN we'll break out the Gluhwein and have a fine time!


C N Heidelberg said...

Wow!! I'm jealous...we just got rain down here.
We broke out the Gluehwein a few days ago though ;)

Odie said...

We had snow in PA on Friday(the 9th), just a coating, looks about like what you had & freezing cold. My in-laws were in Florida & I sent her pic's. & she just had to send me some back. It was in the upper 80's. I told her when she comes back (Thursdayhe 15th) I'll be laughing, because she'll be freezing.