Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shake Ya Boogie

It's time for a little toe-tappin' with some lovely eye candy.
Check out the video below... gotta have volume baby!
Wow, I really need to find this CD!
Learn more about Mocean Worker on MySpace.

"Mocean Worker's nu-jazz pairs with old-school animation in the eye-popping new video for 'Shake Ya Boogie.' Mocean Worker told Spinner, "I wanted the video to be a tribute to a 1930s-style Max Fleischer cartoon." The song is from his new album, 'Cinco de Mowo,' and the video began as an experiment with Polish art student and animator Czarek Kwasny. Kwasny took Mowo's ideas and direction for the video exclusively over AIM and email. "Neither of us have actually ever spoken on a phone or heard each other's voices," Mocean Worker explained. Eleven months and countless IMs later, 'Shake Ya Boogie' comes to life."

Speaking as a person that had a three year relationship online... I can COMPLETELY feel for these guys putting this thing together online.

via Spinner through Essays & Effluvia -gotta love the guy, he finds the best stuff and makes me jealous!

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