Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Song Remains The Same

I couldn't resist...
Mike over at Der Auslander had this to say:

"An unpopular Republican President is waging an unpopular and seemingly un-ending war. The dollar keeps hitting new lows as the world places less confidence in the US economy. Oil hovers at new highs, a further drain on the US economy... and Led Zeppelin has just just had a hit concert, with the prospect of a further tour to follow.

It's 1973 all over again ...."

My Gosh, it's SO TRUE!
All we need is another Roe v. Wade, Pink Floyd to re-release "Dark Side of The Moon", another Watergate to bring down Baby Bush's administration, a Billy Jean King and Bobby Riggs re-match, another student revolt in Bangkok, the American Psychiatric Society to once again remove homosexuality from it's list of treatable illnesses, and for the World Trade Centers in New York to re-open.

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