Friday, March 14, 2008

Start Spreadin' The News...

We're headin' for the States! With the exchange rate absolutely astounding, I think we'll need a few more suitcases to get it all home!

NYC is first, where we plan to spend a few days, take in some touristy spots, do some shopping and enjoy the St. Pat's parade. Hot Irish blood courses through my veins, and I'm excited to be in the city with a bigger St. Pat's parade than even Dublin. It will be my first time to NYC, and N.'s third.

Southwestern Pennsylvania is next. It will be the first time N. will get to see where I grew up. One of my brothers and one of my sisters still live in the area, and will be playing host. My Pop and his wife will cruise into town for a few days as well. Should be a nice reunion.

We'll take a drive down to D.C. for a few of those days, it will be N.'s first time in America's Capitol. We'll do some more touristy things, check out the memorials, and round out our "Great 9/11 Tour".

It works out a little strange, but we'll be in each of the three places that planes crashed on 9/11. Of course Ground Zero in NYC, and the Pentagon in D.C., but an unusual spot that many people never see is where Flight 93 crashed on an out-of-the-way Pennsylvania field. This location happens to be kinda over the hill from where I grew up, and is now a tourist location for my little home town of Somerset, Pennsylvania.

So we'll visit all three crash sites.
I wonder how I'll feel when the trip is over... will I be more mad, or just more sad.

I'll try to blog every once in a while, but I assume it will be sporadic at best.


J said...

sounds like a great time! Have fun. I hope the exchange rate stays good as it is for my trip next year.

G in Berlin said...

Have a great time in NY and then DC and your home area! Have some great sushi!Tray Vong's for lunch if you have time.