Monday, May 5, 2008

Berlin Goes Summer Crazy!

Berlin is about to go summer crazy. It really doesn't matter at all if you are a transplant or a long-time resident... the world is going to change in this city.

The gray faces of the Berliners are going to be coming out to soak up every available sun ray. Berliners will head to the lakes and pools in droves, so thick you might think they are some kind of water parasite. There is such an incredible selection of things to do and see in this city as the summer approaches, it is hard to choose what to do first. First you have the open-air theaters and under-the-sky events, add to that the beach bars and thousands of sports just waiting to be explored. It is all about getting out there and simply enjoying what nature has to offer.

The yearly Berlin hibernation is at its end and now is the time to come out into the light! Let's all get out there and have a BBQ by a lake, make a bowl of Boule (hmm... fruit and alcohol... choose your favorites, put it together in a huge bowl and call it good!), get out your swimsuit (although it's most certainly optional), and prepare for a whole new world.

How do I know this is happening? Because the Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of the Cultures) (English summary) is this weekend!!!!! It is a splendid annual four day street festival that celebrates Berlin's multicultural spirit. Be prepared for music and dancing as you have never experienced. Berliners from more than seventy countries parade and dance through the streets of Kreuzberg. Have a fantastic time listening to the music, dancing with the groups and experiencing some of the most exotic food and drinks you can imagine. What a wonderful atmosphere! It is as though the Karneval is planned at this time of year to open the summer season. Summer is here... The Samba Drums are Calling!! Long Live Summer!!

How do you know that it is the summer season where you live? What is the major indicator for you?

The above picture has been shamelessly stolen from my friend AJ's site. Love ya girl, your photography is fantastic. I would give ya'all a link but you must be a friend to view the site... sorry.

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Jul said...

Naked people in the English Garden! :)