Friday, May 16, 2008

More Breakdown

For those interested in the problems with horse racing I've located a documentary-style piece that has some facts and figures which are truly disturbing.

The sad fact is that this happens not only to horses, but greyhound dogs are also given the boot once their race ability declines. I doubt that they end up being sold for their meat and by products, but those not adopted out are mostly in mass graves.

Do these animals a favor. Don't bet on cruelty.


G in Berlin said...

I know several people who have adopted greyhounds. I would never bet on dogs and haven't bet on horses for a long time (it's a vital industry in my home area). I thinl both animals are "used up" and then treated cruelly, sold for food, or otherwise disposed of in an inhumane way.

Snooker said...

Hey G!
Yeah, I know people that have adopted the greyhounds AND some that have horses that ran on the tracks. The problem is that many times they are a little whacked... too many hours in kennels or stalls... just not good for an animal.