Thursday, May 15, 2008

Keith Olbermann's Latest

I really enjoy Keith Olbermann. Past post on Habeas Corpus
His nightly show Countdown on MSNBC is one of the few things I wish I still had access to here in Europe, and makes me consider buying a satellite dish just to get it. But until I am willing to shell out that kind of money (I'm thinking a cold day in Hades is what it would take), I am going to have to settle for watching his Special Comments on the Interwebs.

Keith (we're on a first-name basis you know) has a voice, enunciation, and a delivery which I can only describe by saying that any of my professors in broadcasting school would be proud to hear it. On top of that is a disarming honesty which cuts to the bone of the lying-ass Bush Administration.

He reminds me a bit of Peter Finch in the movie "Network". The mid-70's movie was about a respected newscaster with declining ratings that was given a network show for broadcasting what he saw as the truth... and people started listening in crazy droves. For me this truth-telling part of the movie smacks of what Keith is doing today. Unlike Rush who just seems to be reading what others are preparing for him these days, Keith shows you that he is "Mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore!"

Interested in more?
Rolling Stone has put together a group of Keith's top five rants. (get it? a Countdown... like his show?) It is from early '07, so a bit dated. But you can YouTube Keith's name and have a great time walking through his Special Comments.

I wonder what 'ole Keith will do if/when a Democrat manages to move into the White House.

Thanks to TQE/Adam for cluing me into the fact that Keith had another awesome rant ready for viewing!


Jul said...

I wanted to like Keith, but he has said some insanely misogynist things in reference to Hillary. So, yeah, hard to like him.


It's a war out there... seems like the battle cry is: Take no prisoners.

Hope to see you at my show in Berlin – 6 June, if you're around: Galerie Rossella Junck.


Matthew Rose

Snooker said...

@ Jul - Wow, I've not been able to see all of the stuff he's put out, just some of it of course, but I've never run across any Hillary bashing. I guess I just have to remember that I'm not going to agree with 100% of what ANYONE says, but I do agree with much of what KO has to say, and to me it is just important that SOMEONE is saying it.

@ Matthew - Thanks for the commercial! ;) Sure, we'll try to swing by and see what you're up to.