Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bringing the World Together, One Dance at a Time.

Thanks to Carol over at Northwest Ladybug for this next piece. I'm sorry to be repeating something that has been very viral, and probably been around for a while. BUT! It is too cool to NOT share.

This to me is simply a reminder that although the world is huge, although there are so many cultures, so many differences in us all, one thing remains the same... joy. Every one of us has the capacity of showing, enjoying, having joy.

Love ya Matt... thanks for the smile.

A little back story from Where the Hell is Matt?

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Dr. J said...

I hadn't seen the new one yet - fantastic!

It doesn't just make me smile and laugh, it usually makes me cry. Which I guess just goes to show that, as they say here, I'm built too close to water.