Friday, July 18, 2008

Dam, Wine, and Resistance of the Bourg is Futile

Where is Snooker?
Amsterdam... well, for a while.
Off to see K.D. Lang, then down to the southern edge of France/Germany into wine country and Strasbourg.

I'm sure there will be pictures galore!

I've been a busy Snook just preparing for the big trip.
It is sad that you work like a dog before your holiday to feel ok about leaving... then you have a nice time away from work, but still kind of think about it... and then you come back to the office and work like a dog for two weeks to get things back on keel.


kennedyflair said...

I would love to see your photos of k.d., have a great time (how could you not!) Shelley

cliff1976 said...

What a beautiful shot!

Any manipulation there in the background (like maybe HDR?) or did it just come out like that?

Either way, nice job.

Goofball said...

have a fun trip!