Thursday, July 17, 2008

Obama is Coming to Berlin!!!


Text from an e-mail sent by Democrats Abroad.
"Dear Democrats in Berlin!
Dear Supporters of our presumptive candidate Barack Obama!
Here in Berlin we're incredibly excited that Obama is coming to speak to us in an open, public setting which will probably take place next Thursday, July 24th.

We will be sending you notice of further details very shortly on the following:
· Volunteer Work for distributing literature and flyers in Berlin starting this weekend*
· Volunteer Training Session on the morning Thursday the 24th of July for support of the Obama Speaking Event (voter Registration, logistics etc.)*
· Obama's Speech Time and Location –
· Obama “Chill Out Party” afterwards at Max & Moritz - July 24

*If you can participate in the above volunteer program, then please send an eMail to our secretary Eva Adams ( ) with your name and telephone number.
For now, we want you to be aware about a very special training session and presentation on how to find, register and persuade US citizens to vote for Barack.

(Berlin venue to be announced ASAP, hopeful timing late afternoon, early evening - unconfirmed)
This event will be your opportunity to meet Obama for America staffer from the United States, Ali Sutton. Ali is an experienced field staffer who will be conducting a training session and Q&A all about how you can help make Barack Obama our next President. Ali's training session will also include a session with Bob Barad, co-chair of Americans in Italy for Obama and the Regional Field Director for the Mediterranean Region. Bob will lead a session on maximizing use of IT and social networking tools in finding, motivating and organizing volunteers.

We also hope to have some discussion of our Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and field plan. As we're inviting volunteers from across Europe, this will also be a unique opportunity to share various projects in person.

Really hoping that you can join us. If so, please do RSVP so that we can ensure our meeting venue is going to be big enough for us all.

Write to our secretary Eva Adams,
The united local Obama supporters from Democrats Abroad Germany, Berlin chapter, and Americans in Berlin-Brandenburg for Obama look forward to seeing you there!
Your friend and fellow Democrat

Michael Steltzer
Democrats Abroad Germany, Berlin chapter"


tqe / Adam said...

Wow! Cool, I wish I could go, but I will be unable to do it, even though I will be in Germany.

Strangely, I didn't get the notification email!

Actually I stopped getting Democrats Abroad emails after I wrote to them asking them to justify forwarding the State Department "warning" about Germany being dangerous when the national team was playing soccer.

cliff1976 said...

Sarah was thinking about making the trip. I'm sure I won't be able to due to work obligations.

Where are you going to be that you can't make it? Is it nothing you can't postpone?

Snooker said...

@ Adam
Hmmmm, I wonder why you didn't get another e-mail from them. ;)

@ Cliff
We're in Amsterdam right now. We planned and planned to make sure that we wouldn't miss any of our favorite Berlin events... and then something unplanned like Obama's visit comes up! UGH
Sarah should do it! It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance!