Thursday, August 7, 2008

Big Fun in the Big City

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the Berlin Gauklerfest. Ten days of frolicking and merriment, and if the weather holds out, we're going to go tonight!

It has become a family tradition. N's parents just love this thing and this love is certainly shared by me. There are usually at least two stages that rotate between music and some sort of hmm... how to describe... some kind of art I guess.

Last year on the main stage we watched a man juggle two sticks of fire along with a frying pan as he balanced on not one but two unicycles placed one on top another! This is the kind of stage entertainment to be enjoyed. There are also artists walking among the visitors. The most memorable for me are the three men who toddle around on stilts wearing what can only be described as mafioso suits with HUGE shoulders extending far out beyond the norm. They stand fast in the large crowd giving menacing looks with straight faces which gives the whole thing this comic effect. I love it! This year I'm going to get my picture taken with them, dammit!

That Queer Expatriate (Adam) is coming to his beloved Berlin for a visit this weekend. We'll be spending some time at the Deutsch-Amerikanischen Volksfest to see how much good, old American crap food we can consume. Would anyone care to join us?

Speaking of American crap food. For last night's book club - which was 75% American expats I might add - I scrambled up some Cocoa Rice Krispies Treats. They were presented late in the evening unfortunately; I had forgotten them as they were cooling. Thus they were barely touched. This morning N. had thoughtfully placed the almost untouched container on my "lunch pile" for me to take to work. I'm assuming that she didn't want me to eat the whole thing, although you just never know. :)

As I got to work early this morning before anyone else I thought it reasonable to put the pan in the kitchen... no "this is from me" paper or anything. Within 30 minutes after work time started two people had come into the room and asked if I had brought that sinful-looking thing which was tempting people.

Now WHY is it that the American gets the immediate blame for such stuff? Just because it is most certainly a sweet thing... a VERY sweet thing... does this mean that I provided it? Obviously it does. We'll see if the normally bland palate of the Germans I work with will take to this sugary/buttery concoction. My guess, (heck, my HOPE) by 3pm the whole thing will be gone.

Last night's party went well. As far as I know, there was not one giggle behind my back about my dirty house! N. was an absolute trooper. I had been completely buried in work and found myself at the office 10 and 12 hours per day leading up to the event. She picked up the slack so wonderfully, not only tidying the house but also setting up everything required for the party, even finding the time to make some homemade cheese bread sticks.

Now. I must find a way to pay her back for her kindness. Think about it, this was NOT her party. She didn't stay around for it, came in after it started and then retreated to the bedroom to be on the computer. WHAT can I do to pay her back? She was so sweet about it, and I would like to do something nice for her. Any ideas?

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Location: Berlin, DE said...

I had a great time at your house last night! You are a wonderful host and the rice krispies were great. I could only eat one b/c I was afraid I was overloading the bean on all of the sugar I had already consumed! No reflection on you, really. Blame the baby! :)

CrackerLilo said...

L'Ailee would make me wear high heels and go to the symphony for repayment. (She loves the symphony and how my rear looks in heels; I hate classical music and wearing heels.) I'm sure N. will have an idea or two, if you just look.

I'm surprised, with all that decadent European chocolate, that an American would be "blamed" for a sugary treat! I guess some things you can't really know until yo've experienced them.

RE Lindsay Lohan: I feel sorry for her because both her parents so blatantly ride her and use her for their ends. Her dad is the very definition of ass-holiness. I hope there is something real between her and that Samantha woman. She needs love.

RE the "debate": I too get really, really, really tired of my love life being treated like a national "issue."