Saturday, August 9, 2008

Spareribs, Country Music and Bumpercars OH MY!

Ah... the American experience... in Germany.
The Deutsch-Amerikanischen Volksfest with Adam was very cool.

When I go to these things with N. we never ride the rides. But today's schedule was eat something (ribs, tacos, wings), then ride a ride, then eat, ride... you get the idea. No, we didn't puke, although we did see some rides which made us almost queasy just watching.

We didn't ride anything too wild, and of course we did the bumper cars... 'cause ya just gotta! Although I did notice that I was the only woman on the whole playing floor - which had about 20 people. Geeze... bumpercars are FUN! Come on girls! Oh yeah, by the way... I got a couple of really good hits into Adam! One of them was even while going backwards!!! Tee hee hee!

The flag flying over Adam's bumper car was incredibly enough the rebel flag... you know, the Confederate Flag. I've talked about it before, the Germans really don't know that flyin' Dixie just ain't PC. In fact when trying to portray America, they seem to display it about 25% as much as the American Flag which just isn't right in my book.

Adam made his way back to his hotel with two new stuffed animals he'd won by playing the fair games. I myself shot five out of five with an air rifle and was happily able to add a keychain disco ball to my collection of crap. When faced with the fact that I had earned a whole five points, the carny told me that I could pick out either a gummy hand, a Hello Kitty pen and paper or the disco ball, there wasn't much of a choice. Although Adam said that he immediately knew what I would choose. You see, I have a bit of a past with disco balls.

It is actually a bit comical to see the German folks who are emulating what they think is traditional American style. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough with my camera, but today I saw a guy who simply made me giggle. He had his quite new Wranglers tucked inside of an expensive pair of Tony Lama's to which he'd attached a pair of show spurs. On top of that he had the "traditional" western shirt from the 70's complete with mother of pearl snaps and metal corners on the collar. Over this shirt was a black leather vest. His head was adorned with a black ten gallon cowboy hat of unknown vintage with a ... yes... hold on... a raccoon tail hanging down behind.

To top all of this he had something attached to his belt which I have NEVER seen in all my years in America's wild west... A silver coffee-type mug. Yes, it was on a karabiner and attached to his belt... (Unfortunately I couldn't see the belt itself. He had a bit of Dunlops Disease... his tummy dun lopped over his belt, obscuring it from my view. BUT, I'm quite certain that it was VERY ornate with a really big belt buckle) My assumption is that he must keep his special mug close by to be able to pour his rotgut campfire coffee into at a moment's notice... although I'm pretty sure this city slicker has never had any rotgut campfire coffee.

With all of this garb came the walk. Not just ANY walk... this was the patented John Wayne walk. A slow shuffling strut with the hands cutting in front of the body and the shoulders swinging about in a manly way. Oh My! I wonder how long he'd been working on that one.

Now I leave you with Pilobolus.
Magic, simply magic.


CrackerLilo said...

I'd have been irritated at the sight of that Rebel flag, too. I'm a proud Southerner, and I think we have so many other, better ways to celebrate our heritage. Even Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has asked his many fans to please not display it (unfortunately, some jerk always does at races.)

Maybe with that and the "cowboy," the Germans are paying us back for all the tacky "Oktoberfests" that go on in America!

I'd have gone on the bumper cars! Love those! My wife would, too, but she's the most competitive person I've ever met (including actual pro athletes) and would try to knock you right out of the playing floor.

Always the choice between fair food and fair rides! I inevitably choose rides.

Glad you had a fun weekend!

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