Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh Please Let It Be True - Phelps and Bolt

Oh my! Please, please let it be true.
If you are a person who is into sports, or at least has a vague interest, it is quite possible that you too have recently become jaded. I've reached the point in my cynicism where I would not be surprised by any name mentioned in relation to a failed drug test.

Mark McGuire's "little helpers" have managed to spoil Major League Baseball for many, including myself. The late-great Flo-Jo hurt the beautiful sport of running, but in the end paid the ultimate price for her cheating. One that broke N.'s heart was Marion Jones. And the list goes on: Heptathlon silver medalist Lyudmila Blonska was kicked out of the women's long jump final yesterday following her positive doping test.

In this year's Olympics Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt's performances are fantastic, hard to believe even. As I understand it, Michael has been a superior athlete all of his young life, and let's face it... everything is BIG on this boy (No Adam, I wasn't talking about THAT). Have you seen the length of his ARMS? OMG! No wonder he swims so fast! Adding to this the "Water Cube" pool has been designed in such a way as to allow swimmers to shave seconds off of their times due to reduced wave resistance and set (so far) 23 World Records.

Usain Bolt... I don't know what to say about this guy. I admit that runners at this level always seem to have extraordinarily-sized egos. But this guy is a bit too much. In the 100 meter he was actually celebrating his win 20 meters before the finish. He of course made a big deal out of his sponsored gold shoes (which is illegal to do in the Olympics), and generally ran around after the race like the king of the world ready to be worshiped... and worshiped he was. The 200 is actually his strong point and it seemed he was really TRYING in this race. I wonder if someone had a little conversation with him. But of course it is easy to see that he is looking over at the clock during the run, imagine what he could do if he were to concentrate. IF he isn't a creature of pharmaceutical miracles, then I am impressed.

In a world of genetically modified athletes N. and I watch the games with an eye to see which people look more "enhanced". Often the person will come onto the screen and we will just look at each other shaking our heads. The women are the worst. Come on, if you no longer have a neck because your back muscles are crawling up along your spine and meeting the bottom of your head... this is your sign that it's time to lower your dosage.

Even though I sound horribly jaded about the whole thing, I really WANT this to be true. I want them to be for real. Not just for me, but for the thousands of kids who have just recently joined their local swim club or are considering going out for track next season so they can be just like their new idols. I also really WANT this to be true simply because its more FUN if the dreams really can come true.

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CrackerLilo said...

My best friend is Jamaican, and she was so thrilled over Usain Bolt. I'm sure he was celebrating more for himself than anyone else, but Jamaicans all over the world were thrilled. Jamaica just doesn't do that well in the Olympics.

As for Michael Phelps, I kept thinking of a joke Jeff Foxworthy told about the theories that [straight and bi] women have developed about mens' sizes. "If he has a big nose, then you know. Or if he has big ears, then you know. Or if he's got big hands, or he's got big feet. All I can say is, he *better* be packin', 'cause that's one goofy-lookin' guy!"

Love the cartoon with the "little swimmers," incidentally.

Dr.Chiro said...

Marcy, I had no idea you were such an olympics follower!

I think you may have done very well as an analyst/commentator. You have a keen writing ability.

I like your friend's comment above about Phelps...I agree, if he were even somewhat good looking, he could storm Hollywood or TV at his beckon call...unfortunately, he is rather dorky lookin', but a heck of a swimmer, and seems to be an awful nice guy!

I like your site here....I'll stay in touch.

Big Bro

tqe / Adam said...

hmmm... i have to confess I don't think Phelps is cute... and I have paid no attention to the olympics this year...