Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Geeks and Whiners

Google has just released its new browser, Chrome.
WHOA! I've been giggling uncontrollably while rubbing my hands together ever since the download!

After the installation it asked me if I would like to import my settings from Firefox... well sure... do it! AND IT DID! Everything is there! No getting used the new browser for days and tweaking it for months! Nope! I'm good to go right out of the box! AND this is just the Beta version. I bet there are more cool things to come.

Look for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to make some major changes in the near future. In fact, I bet that the developers from each of those browsers haven't had much sleep in the last week or so!

On other not so geeky news... (well, that might be debatable) I finally got my shit together (and the wife calmed down) and am now prepared to go to the Whiney Expatriate Blogger Meet-Up in Bremen later this month. Right this moment I don't have the time (or energy) to write up information about it... but Adam did a great job here, and here is the official site which leads you to an even MORE official site.

Now back to more browser play!


cliff1976 said...

I finally got my shit together (and the wife calmed down)

You been before? This'll be our first visit. Was the wife excited positively or negatively?

Snooker said...

This is my first time... I feel like such a cherry, but an excited cherry.

The wife. Well, it is a bit of a tradition to volunteer for the Berlin Marathon which happens the same weekend as the Bremen Marathon (goofy, eh?) and the Whiney Meet Up.

She wasn't very excited to hear that I wouldn't be joining her this year. (yes, I've taken lots of flak for this) She'll be staying in Berlin and I'll be a lone duck with the other Whineys.

J said...

Glad to read that you'll be attending!

Claire said...

just as long as you don't volunteer for the bremen marathon, because that would be cheating.

So glad that you are coming!!

Anonymous said...

yipp,be caredull what you are providing for data. google isn't the nice one anymore...