Friday, October 3, 2008

I think I'm up too late

Good morning... well it is good morning in my world. I start this at 5.25am after watching the Biden/Palin debate.

Staying up tonight gave me the perfect opportunity to work on my pics of WEBMU, for the Flickr members, most of them are waiting for you at the site. For those who are contacts, you can see the entire set on my Bremen page.

Please excuse me if my brain is a little addled. I've been awake close to 24 hours now.
If you don't mind, I'll fall back onto the much maligned bullet point.

  • I think that Palin performed pretty well in this debate, but let's face it, she had no where to go but up.
  • I don't know if Palin not making a fool of herself can help a campaign which seems to be on its way down.
  • Biden showed himself to be quite knowledgeable, but did we expect anything else of a 35 year Senator?
  • Um... do you think he was really as broken up as he seemed to be when talking about his boys having medical problems after the car wreck that killed his wife and daughter?
  • Tonight I watched the debate on CNN International. They had a cool little graph thing which showed in real time how some undecided Ohio voters were feeling about what they were listening to. It was cool!
  • Oh, and while I'm there... the CNN screen thing with the moving windows... I love it. Where can I get one? SOOO Minority Report
  • Friday, Oct 3rd NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be surrounded by a shitload of NYPD as he speaks from the Brandenburg Gate here in Berlin. Um... something wrong with Berlin cops?
  • Oh and hey Bloomberg... buying your way into a 3rd term as mayor requiring a change of the term limit imposed by city law. Oh yeah, I bet the Governator in CA would like some laws changed about that pesky native citizen requirement for seeking the presidency.
  • Geeze this thing about Palin holding that baby after every public appearance kinda creeps me out. I mean, at the end of that debate it was quite late... and all those kids were there ready to be paraded across the stage.
  • Man I'm sorry to hear about Steve Fossett's remains being found. There was part of me that was hoping the guy had just retired to an island somewhere.
  • Not to toot my own horn, but I'm loving this picture.
  • Is it just me or did Palin come off as having the same ideology on equal civil rights for all Americans, including gays and lesbians? I bet she gets her hands slapped for that one.
  • Hey, thinking about that... "rocker" Melissa Etheridge is going to tie the knot with her longtime girlfriend while it is still legal in CA.
  • Is anyone else pissed about the bailout being served up with a huge slice of pork?
  • Branglina and enterage have moved to Berlin as Brad makes a movie... will the city ever be the same?
OK, I'm going to bed.
Night night... or should I say... moin moin.


ian in hamburg said...

Wow - what an action-packed post! Wonderful photos on your flickr page - lovely lighting and framing.

Missed the debate, but seeing the highlights. Palin had nowhere to go but up, I guess.

G in Berlin said...

So many action items! Haven't seen the debate yet, it's taped to watch this evening.
Brangelina- good for them. What a nice family. I personally don't care an iota more about them than any other family: they seem nice to me.
I'm quite annoyed about the pork in the bailout, but quid pro quo seems to be a requirement for anything to get done in Washington (DC, as Yelli would say)
The reviews I have seen of the debate all state that Palin answered no actual questions: I look forward to seeing how annoyed I get and how rapidly.

I am still broken up when I talk about my aunt, who died 22 years ago from breast cancer. Why would Biden be less human?

As a NYer, I am for Bloomberg. We had no term limits until Koch, you know. He was the reason. B wants a one time exclusion with a comittment to putting it on the ballot next year: go for it. And I would have voted for him for president, too. As for Arnold for Presiden: there was a time I would have been fine with it, but after living here I think it may take at least an American born generation to relieve some of the inborn racism and nationalism of the European. I'm willing to generalize and be comfortable with the discrimination for those two jobs.

Did you see George Takei got married last month?

On a completely different topic: if we removed the word "marriage" from the debate and made all unions, hetero or homosexual performed by the state into civil unions: do you think everyone would be better with it? I would be fine in having two separate ceremonies, as is standard in most of the world. I am also good with all civil unions having the same rights, unlike here in Germany.

G in Berlin said...

PS- I've been looking like mad to see where Bloomberg might be speaking today, yet am only finding a meeting this Sunday at the Red StateHouse- do you have a cite? I made the German look too and he can't find it either. I might go see him if he were there.A little less crowded than Obama, and I would have the German to help with the girls.

Snooker said...

@ Ian - Hey thanks for the lovely comments on the pictures. Some of them really came out nice.

@ G - I'm curious to hear what you thought of the debate
- I didn't know about Koch. For some reason I thought that his third term was an exception as well.
- Sulu got married... yeah, it was kinda cool
- Removing the word "marriage", calling all versions "civil unions"... oh yes, I am all for that. As long as it is equal. Actually I believe there is a blog post in there somewhere.