Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It is kinda parched...

It really was soooo wonderful to meet up with all of the Whiny Expats! (yup, I know I'm late... man, I've been hurting... see below). I would like to thank (once again... I'm sure it is becoming boring) both J. and Claire for their hard work and effort in bringing this crazy group together for a memorable event.

For those who weren't able to make it, I will simply direct you to Adam's write up of the event. I'm sure that anything I type up would pale in comparison.

What I would like to add is that I am blown away by the people I was able to meet! What a great group of fantastic individuals! It is strange, I always assumed that the average blogger is basically an introvert, and I would guess most of the Whiny Expats I ran into this weekend would also classify themselves as such... but it really is not true. (not counting you Adam... I would NEVER assume this about you)

Everyone came together and talked at times making so much noise that strangers stopped and stared. I personally found that by the end of Saturday night my voice was wearing thin from so much conversation. Oh how wonderful to be in a group of people where communication is so easy and just flows! I would LOVE to teach the Germans a thing or two about opening up enough to express yourself to your fellow man and how rewarding that can be.

Case in point. Last night N. and I visited with two Americans. They are my sister's husband's sister and her husband (still with me?). These two retirees find themselves on a whirl-wind two week tour of Germany (how American, eh?) and stopped the craziness long enough to sit down and visit with us for a few hours.

I don't know these people. IF we had ever met I was probably ten years old, and they are now they are in their sixties. After looking back on it the only thing we really have in common is that they now live in the town I lived in from the time I was four until my life changed so significantly at fourteen.

From our first simultaneous sighting in the hotel lobby it was quite smooth. We flowed from topic to topic realizing that we are all quite liberal with a solid fear of the conservatives in America and what is happening.

The point is that conversation was easy, very simply we found common ground and enjoyed sharing life experiences. Once again... I would really enjoy the chance to teach the Germans this talent.

At one point the man launched into the very interesting story about being in the classroom on September 11, 2001 with a group of high school students when the redirected Flight 93 crashed and exploded into a field less than a mile away. Something I had never heard before was how fast the FBI was on the scene, about 30 minutes. Hmm... interesting considering that this place is really at least a two hour drive from the nearest city of any size, Pittsburgh. Surely helicopter mobilization would take some time as well... But then hey, I'm no expert. He and his wife discussed how the town closest to the crash was locked down along with the surrounding towns. Mobile phone towers were disconnected and land line service was interrupted. For a period of over four hours people were not allowed into or out of the main little town, with no explanation of when travel would become possible again. Whoa.

Topic change

Since Monday morning I've had the headache from hell. It seems to stem from a pain in the neck which has been with me since the train ride on Sunday night. Then I guess adding a sinus headache on top has not helped.

Today I went to a fantastic chiropractor. For all of the "wellness" stuff the Germans subscribe to, I am completely surprised that they do not grasp onto the healing qualities of these incredible doctors.

She threw me onto the table and immediately came to the crux of the problem, the entire right side of my back feels like a rock... and not in the good way. She worked on my neck a bit after giving my back some attention. For the most part my headache is gone although her prediction that I would hurt later is certainly coming true. Damn sadists!

What was interesting is the conversation we had before my adjustment. She said that she has trouble getting customers. It is as though the Germans don't trust the chiropractic arts. But you know what? I've had German friends suggest infrared light for everything from stiff muscles (yeah, the warmth feels good) to a stuffed-up nose. Aw... come on! What is infrared going to do to my snot issues?


C N Heidelberg said...

I guess I could use some infrared light on my nose at the moment

So we are definitely going to be in Berlin the evening of Oct 18 (Saturday) to meet up with a couple of friends from the States, are you free to hang out a bit? (You can email at the link on my blogger profile...I didn't see email on yours.)

Snooker said...

@ C. N - I heard your head clogging up while we were together. Hopefully you are over it by now.
- How cool that you are coming to Berlin! Now what to do? :)