Friday, December 12, 2008

Amy Goodman in Berlin

Award-winning journalist Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! was in Berlin to mark DN's 12th anniversary and to promote her newest book, "Standing Up To the Madness - Ordinary Heroes in Extraordinary Times".

The theme of her speech was the importance of a free and independent media and it really resounded with me. Being back in the States just a few weeks ago reminded me how much the American people are fed only what the government wants them to hear. This was not news. I saw Brittney Spears on NBC Nightly News... this is just shameful.

You may remember Ms. Goodman. She along with many others was arrested while reporting on the Republican National Convention in St. Paul earlier this year. So much for the American free press. The video doesn't tell the whole story, for that you will have to go here.

The speech was great, and I picked up her "Standing Up to the Madness" book (which I got signed of course) for later reading. She'll be in Munich Saturday night. If you are in the area, I highly suggest checking it out.

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J said...

You get all the good stuff in Berlin. I wish we had talks like that here.