Monday, December 15, 2008

W Shoe'd By Iraqi Reporter

One of my favorite reads came up with a video that still has me giggling periodically.

Oh my! I wonder what the new security protocol will be when having a press conference with the President? Will everyone need to be naked, or is it just shoes which will be considered dangerous?
Seriously though. How bad can this man's opinion be of the President of the United States for him to go to such lengths? How much further can America fall in the eyes of the world?

I especially loved Ian's comment, "Notice the quick reaction Bush has? It’s all that practice ducking responsibility."

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J said...

I have one of those toilets and hate it. I heard about the shoe thing earlier and almost died laughing.

Anonymous said...

Next time u have nasty comments bout Bush "ducking" from shoe's being thrown at his head..remember this.. agree or not with him..that was an attack on OUR President..and had that asshole done that to Hussian, he'd of been beheaded..He's lucky he got off as easy as he did. You must respect the office if not the man. Don't ever forget that! Mocking a stupid governor for trying to sell a senate seat is one physially attack the leader of the world is keep that in mind for now on missy.
- O'Bucko