Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sure, make me a liar...

When I talk to friends and family back in the States they often ask about the weather in Berlin. "It is OK" I proclaim, usually remembering the warm summer days with many hours of sun. They ask about temperatures and I tend to explain that Berlin weather is very much like what we had as I grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania... gray all winter with temps hovering in the freezing range, enjoyable summers where the daylight is warm but the nights can have just a bit of a chill.

In the wintertime the people living in colder States want to know about snowfall. Usually I say something like, "Well, we get snow but it doesn't stay around more than a few days."

Yeah sure...

Fenceline shooting

I love Germany... cleared sidewalks


The snow in these photos is well over a week old! What is that about? This annoying crap needs to come... and go! Quickly! At least we don't have it the way my hometown in Pennsylvania had it... The so called "Lake Effect" with snow hitting the ground in October and many layers coming afterward, often staying in its mushy blackened form until Easter.

As of this morning we have what I will describe as 100% humidity. There isn't any rain falling right now, but the air is thick and just slightly above freezing. I predict the snow won't be around much longer... and for me, that's OK.

All of these pics (and more) can be found here.


G in Berlin said...

Well, it just poured here in Charlottenburg, although I thnk the frost is hard enough that it will still stay a bit longer.

Goofball said...

yeah we had a true patch of winter as well. I loved it. But snow here only lasted a week and is gone since Monday. I miss it already

marie said...

i can do without snow too