Friday, August 14, 2009

Photo Friday - Young and Old

Another installation of Photo Friday, this one with the theme of "Young and Old".

This picture was taken in the fall of last year as we explored the Pfaueninsel which sits on the Havel River, very close to the Wannsee lake. Pfaueninsel translates as "Peacock Island" and was named such by Friedrich Wilhelm II when he commissioned a castle and a zoo on the island. The castle is named Schloss Pfaueninsel and can be toured, although there isn't much to see other than some beautiful, partially moldy tapestries and some really old furniture. Other than that there are just a few buildings along the pathways, but the most fun of the Pfaueninsel is simply walking along enjoying the lovely, unspoiled, green areas.

The island is quite small, maybe only a kilometer long and half a kilometer wide. Thus once you get to the island by way of ferry, those people you came over with will be spotted occasionally. We ran into the two people in the image below several times. The little boy was running around of course, pointing out all the little creatures he would come to.

Throughout the afternoon always within earshot could be heard the excited voice of the little guy as he cried out, "Opa, Opa! gucken hier!" (Grandpa, lookie here!) All the while Grandpa was following along, with his hands clasped behind his back, feigning interest at every thing the young one would point out. Sometimes we could hear his voice as he explained what it was that the boy had found.

Eventually the shadows grew longer and it was time to go home so we headed toward the ferry only to find Grandfather and Grandson on the same boat. While the young one was full of energy still and could hardly be contained on the small boat, Grandpa seemed happy for the opportunity to sit down for 10 or 15 minutes until we docked back on the mainland.

As soon as the gate was opened the little guy ran off to collect his bike and started putting his helmet on, seemingly excited to get back on the trail. About the time the helmet went on some ducks started quacking along the quay. His head snapped back toward the water so fast I thought the not-yet-connected helmet would fall off. As though pulled magnetically back toward the water he ran off, away from Grandpa and toward the makers of the mysterious noise.

Grandpa kept a close eye on the little guy as he went to his own bike and pulled something out of the saddle bag. Slowly, almost reluctantly, he made his way to where the little guy was excitedly pointing and exclaiming "Opa, Opa, Enten!" (Grandpa, Grandpa, ducks!) Then a smile lit up Opa's face and he showed his "Enkel" (Grandson) the bag which he had retrieved from the bicycle, a bag from a bakery which held some bread.

OH MY! The realization hit the face partially hidden by an uneven helmet like a lightning bolt and his hands shot out filled with the request for the bread. Opa smartly broke some off and gave part to the wannabe bird feeder who began talking and cooing to the ducks as he threw in pieces of dark German bread.

This is when I snapped the picture found below.

Feeding the ducks

Thanks for going down memory lane with me.

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Goofball said...

what a lovely little scene

Gal Friday said...

Great writing and it made me nostalgic for being on the Pfaueninsel(loved the little storybook size castle ruin), which I visited a few times as a child when I was staying in Berlin visiting my own Opa and Oma. :-) Lucky you to be living in Berlin!
I'll have to visit and explore your blog some more, I think...