Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts - Uninspired Edition

Due to lack of interest, I'm thinking about canceling this blog post. The lack of interest is mine, or maybe the lack of initiative is a better choice of words.

This is one of those days where I feel like doing nothing. Oh maybe I would be happy curled up in bed with a good book, (I'm reading one now - "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson) but reading is the extent of my desire today.

OK, I will make a decidedly half-hearted attempt at a RTT.

Because of rain in the forecast I chose against riding Mimi (baby blue scooter and my summer joy) to work today. The really bad aspect of this is that the morning was beautiful, and now as of lunch, the day is still quite lovely with nary a cloud in sight. Geeze.

We are boxing up everything and packing it away. How on earth am I to decide which DVD's I am comfortable not having close to me for as much as two months? Books are easier, I just keep out the ones I haven't read yet.

On my desk under one of the monitors is a cute little Berliner Bear Sweet No painted for me. He puts a smile on my face every time. I'm not sure if it is the bear or the thought of No painting it, but the smile feels lovely.

I think I will take the last half of my lunch today to get out of this office. Maybe a nice walk with the camera will inspire me.

OH OH... and thinking about the camera. No and I have been agonizing over the idea of purchasing a super cool new digital single lens reflex camera (Nikon D90 for my camera geek friends). It is not TOO HORRIBLY priced (€800/$1,145) but with moving and a long October vacation in Tahiti/New Zealand as well as going to Texas for Christmas, we've decided to curtail unnecessary spending. Today No emailed me that a local electronics store is going to celebrate an anniversary and that "if they offer a good deal on your camera, maybe we should just take the opportunity to buy it". AHEM! I almost dropped the mouse.

Been surfing:
The Women’s Crusade - This article has really got me thinking about how good I have it. when compared with so many other women in the world. I'm going to look into the Microfinancing that Adam has spoken about in the past. It is about time to start giving back to my fellow woman. "In many poor countries, the greatest unexploited resource isn’t oil fields or veins of gold; it is the women and girls who aren’t educated and never become a major presence in the formal economy." The article is long and involved, but it has really started me thinking about how simple things can help to change the world.

That's about it for me. Head on over to Keely to see what she's up to. She's the one who started me on this whole Random Tuesday Thoughts thing.

Oh, and before I leave, I must shamelessly steal something from a friend/blogger Cliff from Regensblog.
For everyone out there who deals with computers and asks help from those of us "geeks".
For all of you geeks who are tired of being the king of the computers.

I offer to you the Tech Support Cheat Sheet!
(click the pic to embiggen)


Kat said...

hehehee I love the flow chart!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

That bear is CUTE! Sweet No did a great job painting it - he'd put a smile on my face every time, too! :)

That flow chart is perfect...love it!

Happy RTT! :)

Jan said...

Tahiti, New Zealand AND Texas? I'm so jealous I'm glowing neon green.

Get the D90. You'll love it and your hands will adjust. Oh - I've decided to just wait for the macro lens instead of getting a reversing ring.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand the lethargy. It's August (bleh) and you're moving (yak). Just embrace it.

I love that you say embiggen, too! That made my day.

I am Harriet said...

I've learned that the things I box up I just should sold at a garage sale or donated instead.
Have a great Tuesday!

Snooker said...

@ Kat - the chart is great, isn't it?

@ Stacy - My bear is the cutest ever, love him.

@ Jan - Don't be so jealous about Texas. As for the macro... do it right the first time and you will never regret it!

@ Sarah - embiggen must be a true geek term, eh? I've only seen it on the geek blogs.

@ Harriet - Want to come over? I think we have one yard-sized bag of trash for every 2 boxes packed.

blueviolet said...

Wow, you're a lucky one if you get that camera! I can't even imagine not having a piece of crap.

The little bear is just begging to be hugged. It's darling! And the flow chart is too much fun.

TheSingleGirl said...

That flow chart is very, very good.

People think that I'm a computer tech. If they see that flow chart, my cover is blown.


tqe / Adam said...

If you decide to make loans with Kiva, let me know in advance so that I can send you an invite... thus getting me one meaningless brownie point in their system.

cliff1976 said...

Lest anyone think I came up with it, it came from xkcd.com. The dude behind it is very liberal about hotlinking and republishing.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License.
This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). More details.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Oh Oh - I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo awhile back. Tell me what you think????

I love your stolen cheat sheet too! I need my own personal computer tech because I am computer illiterate.

I like your random!

Sarah said...

the cheat sheet rocks... :-)

I have a Nikon D40 and love it.... but I'm in serious need of practice with it!!

great RTT!

Snooker said...

@ BlueViolet - I take about 10,000 pictures a year. Really, I've been through many POS cameras. :)

@ Single Girl - OK then, we'll keep the flowchart a secret from those folks. Truthfully the folks at my office think I'm some kind of computer genius. But I just do exactly what this chart says.

@ Adam - Yes, I would like an invite from you. We'll talk about it more in Munich.

@ Cliff - Good to know. Sweet No questioned if you had made the flowchart. Something about using the wrong shape for the end. I didn't really listen closely... But I assured her that I was sure you would have used the correct items if you had made it.

@ Crazy Coxes - The book is EXCELLENT so far. This morning I was almost late for work because I was sitting on the balcony reading right up until the absolute LAST moment I could before I had to leave.

@ Sarah - I have a D40X right now. It is a nice camera with 10 megapixel image rather than the D40's 6. But everything else is pretty much the same. I love it, but really want more usability in manual mode. Get yours out and have a good time!

Sasha said...

There are days when I don't feel like doing anything but read and sleep hehe

Thanks for leaving a comment in my RTT entry :)