Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Random Tuesday - Halloween Edition

How about another spin on the RTT?

Don't know what I am talking about? Visit Keely over at the Un-Mom for all the info. She has all the answers... except how to live Drama Free.

Would someone please tell the FDP Berlin that the election is over and that we are all aware that they won more votes this time than ever before? SO maybe now is a good time to take your signs down from all over Berlin. They are detracting from the graffiti. (sorry to the non-German residents... we had an election weekend before last)

Does anyone else read the license plates of the cars around them and make words out of the letters? (crickets) OK, I must be alone here. Oh well, it's not the first time.

Berlin plates start with a B then have a space and then two more letters and a few numbers. I can usually find something in this grouping such as B OY or B ed or B IG... sometimes BIG is even seen on correspondingly funny vehicles such as BIG ASS Trucks or itty bitty cars.

It really gets fun with some of the other German cities... Frankfurt is a "F", so I've seen a couple "FU" plates. Potsdam is a "P" which can be interesting, but "LDS" for an area around Berlin just has me thinking about the Latter Day Saints, hmm. Maybe I'll start taking pictures of the more funny versions... hmmm. Could be a blog post.

Recently I've been asked by a family member if the Germans celebrate Halloween. As I told her, we really haven't seen much, although it seems to be growing. Last year we had a few Trick or Treaters but they don't seem to "get it". They just ring the bell and then hold out their bags when you open the door. Not even so much as a "Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat". Oh, and no thank you or anything. (I remember this behavior from the four year olds... but here it is the twelve year olds too.)

I keep wondering what the sweet old German Omas (grandmas) are thinking when this happens at their doors...

Are there kiddie costumes in the stores? Not that I've seen. Do adults have parties? Not that I've been invited to. Will I have a party? No, I'll be scuba diving in the crystal clear, blue waters of Tahiti for Halloween this year. (not that I'm excited or anything)

BUT I did get the grins as I walked into my local grocery store a few days ago. Storck products, maker of Nimms and Lach Gummies (fruity, chewy candies) had a display of bags with individually wrapped items inside! WOW! This is an improvement.

OK, I should start my work day. Today among other more boring things I will get to go shopping for gifts for clients. For a pregnant woman I've decided on some lovely foot and leg revival from LUSH, and another recipient will get a bottle of Veuve Cliquot Champagne. Fun job, eh?

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Just because:
Uniting American Families Act - I really wish they would pass this bit of legislation. If so, Sweet No and I (as well as hundreds of thousands of other couples world wide) would once again have some rights.

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Goofball said...

I make words out of licence plates too....and I try to find regular commuters on my road that I recognise later one

Jan said...

We make words out of license plates, too. Especially ours; it says "Weirdos".

Yeah, yeah - rub your Tahitian diving in my face some more. *sigh* Lucky Snooker and Sweet No.

Kat said...

They don't really "do" Halloween here in England either. Some of the locals do take their kids to the Air Force Base to go trick or treating with the Americans tho. I hear that it is a blast. I won't be here for Halloween either, going home to South Carolina for two weeks! Not that I am excited or anything.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I love your new little signature. Makes me smile.

When we were in Bonn we did Trunk or Treat at the American school (trick or treat via parents car trunks) and that was fun.

I thought in general there was no Halloween there? At least in the time we lived there no one ever TorT at our door.

CaJoh said...

Never realized there wasn't Halloween— perhaps it's just one of those Hallmark Type Holidays made up by us crazy Americans as an excuse to pass out candy.

Thank you for your randomness!

Maria said...

What do you like best about living in Berlin?

annonamoose said...

Halloween her in the SW (of Germany) is a bit weird. They seem to have picked up on the ghoulishness and missed out on everything else. You see adults heading off to parties, but they are all dressed as vampires. Where I grew up (and when, before every costume was "sexy (fill in the blank)" there was often an element of humour or creativity involved in costumes. We haven't had trick or treaters.
Was there candy corn????! I miss candy corn.

Frau said...

Glad to find your blog today and many other expats in Germany. Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine haven't found any candy here. Take care.