Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holly Jolly Snooker

Long time no write, eh?
IF there’s anyone still reading this rag, let me apologize now… for being gone so long, and in advance for my crappy writing. But you should be used to that by now, shouldn’t you?

Let’s just say that I’ve been busy. Work has been exasperating lately. Nothing too stressful, just work, work, and more work... which just wears on me. Every day I start work with a fresh new list of prioritized items which must be completed. At the end of that day I often see a few things crossed off, but more likely I have a much longer list than what I started with. OK OK, so I've got a job, and that is better than lots of folks... perhaps I shouldn't be complaining, eh?

On top of work has been life. Sweet No and I have been busy getting our new apartment in order. It seems like we’ve almost been living at furniture stores each night after work. We needed to outfit our loggia “the reading room” with sisal carpet and some nice chairs. Done. Next is a kitchen.

I must say however that I really don’t like shopping, and this kind of shopping can be painful not only in the pocketbook, but it often feels like pulling teeth.

Imagine this: two women, one tall, hard and lean, the other short and pleasantly plump. Now imagine that these two women want to buy a pair of reading chairs. Our conversations sound like something out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, “This one is too big… This one is too small… This one is too hard… My feet don't touch the ground... The backs of my knees don't touch the chair...” you get the picture.

Add to that two completely different tastes in furniture. Sweet No wants something with checks or stripes or lots of color. Snooker is more of a solids kinda girl with an astigmatism which makes lines look like they’re dancing. Give me a solid color chair with a pillow which adds a dash of color... that's me. No wants the grandfather chair with BIG checks. It is incredibly hard to get something to make us both happy… but we finally did it last night. Now let’s just hope that they fit into the loggia door.

OK, that is enough to get used to the idea of blogging again.
I'm looking forward to catching up on all of your blogs over the holiday.

If anyone is interested, there is a set of pics for Tahiti on Flickr.
The New Zealand set is taking a little longer, but I add some every day or two.
If you've got my Facebook info, there are a LOT more pics for both sets... Flickr is just for the "arty" type pics with no faces.

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Jan said...

Oh, look - there she is! No need to apologize; I realized y'all had just moved and then immediately went on holiday. I haven't been over to look at your stuff on Flickr since you got the first few photos up, so I'm heaing back over there now.

Welcome back!

honeypiehorse said...

Love the 3 bears analogy.