Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Random Tuesday - No Swine Flu here

Hooya! I'm back... for reals (isn't that obnoxious? Some days I surprise myself.) and I've decided that I can't get away with not posting any longer. We've been back over a week. Things have finally settled down and we've actually managed to get our house straightened out just a bit. Moving two weeks before a three week vacation isn't really perfect, you know? We came back and had to remember where we had stuffed everything in our rush.

Tahiti and New Zealand were fantastic! Need I say more? Yes, I think I do... but maybe this isn't the time. Let's just have a nice RTT and see if I can slip back into this blogging thing, OK?

Snooker and No managed to travel to the other side of the planet (23 hours in planes, 37 hours of travel time each way) , encounter hundreds maybe thousands of strangers, and not get Swine Flu... can you believe it? Maybe the media hype makes it out to be a bit worse than it really is. But I must admit that we were quite fastidious about our hand washing and general hygiene... and let's just say it... No is Monk's little sister.

We got back and discovered that our home Internet service which was somewhat spotty before we left had degraded to the point that if you are online, you had better not pick up the phone or both will go to H E double Hockey Sticks. WTF? I reallllly hate Deutche Telekom.

November in Berlin is usually wet, gray, windy and cold. Surprisingly we came back and found that the first three were in abundance, but without so much of the cold. It has been getting up to the 50's during the day, and last Saturday No and I actually managed to get out in the morning for a nice walk with the sun on our shoulders! YEA!

I'm riding the subway again. May I just say ... ICK! Yesterday a co-worker & I hopped onto the train and as the doors slammed shut we both noticed it... the worst FART smell I've ever been enveloped by. Seriously, I'm surprised there wasn't green goo dripping down the walls or something... it was horrible! Our eyes widened and we both agreed not to talk until the next stop when we could JUMP out of that car and run to the next car sucking in "fresh" air all the way.

The new Nikon D90 camera was soooo cool on the trip. We loved it and took over 1,500 photos. Before we even came home they were narrowed down into 475 which make a great slide show.

The D40X was with us as well, but I hardly ever pulled it out. The only time it got a workout was when we took simultaneous pictures, such as these.

Oh hey! New Zealand and Tahiti both had Coke Zero in most of the restaurants! YEA!!! Ahem, Germany... let's get on the ball!

No is completely disgusted at the manufacturers of playing cards. It seems that she holds the cards in her right hand and fans them out in such a way that there is no number/letter in the visible top corner. Hmm... how to explain. Her card fan is the exact opposite of the way the cards are designed, so she doesn't see the numbers/letters which are printed on the top left because she is looking at the top right.
Now you would think that she would just learn to fan them the other way, or hold them in her left hand. No, that is not her way. Now we need to find cards with numbers/letters on all four corners. Anyone have any ideas?

Don't tell customs, but I bought black pearls in Tahiti... lots of them. Tee hee hee. They aren't in settings yet because I was told to just buy the pearls and bring them back to Germany for the cheaper metals and settings fees. So while I am asking for advice... anyone know a good jeweler in Berlin?

The company I work for has rented another floor in our building for some expansion. May I just say that the ensuing "who goes where" discussion has been painful to watch with seemingly everyone vying for the prime spots and trying not to be seated with anyone they don't like. Argh. NEVER move anyone's cheese if you don't absolutely have to! In case you are wondering, I am attached to the boss... I won't move because she won't move. So this has all been going on around me while my cheese is not being moved.

I think that I just want to go back to the islands... Life was soooo much more simple there. "Should I wear my blue bathing suit to scare the fish or will the purple one be better?" "Do I want to try the mango straight off the tree or should I go cut another pineapple out of the bush?"

Thanks for playing Random Tuesday Thoughts, head on over to Keely at the UnMom for more randomness and to find out what she's doing with THE NOG.

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Jan said...

Yay! You're back! Can't WAIT to see the photos of the trip.

shopannies said...

man that would be so bad to have a phone/internet that acted like that

Maria said...

Wow...sounds delicious. And then some.

honeypiehorse said...

Geez, that capu looks sooo good! just wanted to point out that we share 3 favorite books: Harry, Mockingbird and Ender.

Jen said...

Tahiti and New Zealand? Maaaaan, I'm so envious!!!! :-D *Sigh.*

Anonymous said...
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