Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just drummin' along

The evidence is in... It has been too long since I've written an entry when readers like Goofball start using the comments section to ask my cat what the deal is and where his mommy is hiding.

There is no real reason for me to be so quiet. It isn't as though there is a lack of something to say. Often I find myself thinking, "I should blog this", yet never seem to find the time to do it.

If I didn't know better, I would say it is the Winter Blahs, but alas not. We've been traveling and enjoying ourselves quite a bit, surely it isn't the season.

At the base of it is that maybe I just don't FEEL like very creative in general, let alone writing. In the last months my picture taking frequency has gone down. There is even a great idea floating around my head about how to take some wonderful lightscape shots of the guitars... but it remains undone. Maybe it is just a lull in the creative juice flow."Waiting" It's a hand held shot at Potsdamer Platz right after seeing the world's worst movie, "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus". (My apologies to other fans of Heath Ledger. But this was certainly NOT his best work. Too bad that it was his last)

The one thing in my recent life which was incredibly creative was masterminded by Sweet No. We happen to share a birthday, and were goofy enough to get married on that same day. So in the tradition of the Germans, we celebrate our special day by buying everyone else dinner and drinks and finding some way to entertain the entire group.

A few months ago Sweet No came up with the idea to have a party with a Jamaican theme. It seems reasonable, as we will someday soon pop over to see what is going on in the land of the Rastafarian. We thought it would also help to break up the monotonous Berlin gray winter weather if we had people wear festive Caribbean-style clothing and come ready for a tropical party.

In the end we had 24 people in a room with 30 conga drums and a harried, but quite professional drum teacher. In an hour we were making some nice rhythms; in one and a half it was starting to sound good.

The smiles and giggles from folks gave us an indication that our gamble was successful, people seemed to be having a good time. (It could of course have been the bubbly wine... who knows!!) Then off to dinner and more drinks, which while it was certainly more quiet, was fun in its own way. All in all it was a delightful afternoon/evening. Let's hope the guests think so too!

Been reading:

how we learned to stop worrying and love the trash - ClickClack Gorilla strikes again! I love this woman. Not only is she a perfectly lovely writer, but her message is one which resonates with me. Our society is WAY TOO centered on buying the "next big thing", and I don't think that it will lead anywhere we really want to be going.

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Anonymous said...

I love your party idea! That must of been so much fun.

Happy belated b-days and anniversary.

I'm still trying to figure out if I liked or disliked that movie.

Nice shot...great use of DOF.

Goofball said...

Hey, now I still don't know how frank is doing!!

;) just kidding.

I didn't mean to put you under any pressure. i realised afterwards that it truly hadn't been that incredibly long since you had posted the last time. I must have been in a rather impatient mood.

Great to hear about your party though. Sounds like a ball. What a original idea. Was it happening in your appartment? if not, I do hope the neighbours were invited as it might have been pretty loud.

Anonymous said...

Hi Snooker, I saw your cool comment on my blog and also replied. Then I wandered back here and saw that you were married. *head bonk* So ignore the "if you are living with someone" thing in my reply and just focus on the rest. Okay? Cool, okay. :)

Party on mon,


click clack gorilla said...

!!! what a nice thing to say. i will come for you with the doctor's bills when my swelling egos cracks my skull. :) thanks for the plug. here's to hoping that this gray gray winter ends sooner than later.

Maria said...

I'm so bad at remembering birthdays or anniversaries. I even forget my own!

Hey, on a different note...a while ago you asked me if I would like a rock that you picked up on your travels and I forgot to get back to you. If you send me your e-mail address (I won't post it), I will send you my address. I would love a rock for my collection.

Nema® said...

Hello :)
I found your blogspot thanks to googled 'fisheye lens DIY' words. I'm going to use your idea.
besides- now I'm your new follower. I saw your whole gallery on flickr today ;) really liked it.
and Berlin...I love it. I live quite near so that city isn't foreign to me ;)


Goofball said...



hey Frank, are you there? What's up in Berlin

My Brand New Swiss Life said...

You blog is fantastic! Keep blogging!