Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dinner in a Kit - Einfach selber kochen

We found ourselves walking around Prenzlauerberg a few weekends ago and spotted Kochhaus. I had been hearing about this interesting take on cooking, so we popped in for an initiation.

The concept: A store where you essentially shop by recipe. 

The environment: Tastefully decorated and arranged tables/coolboxes with each area centered around one recipe printed on a flyer. 

How it worked out: Interesting idea. Select a recipe you like, decide how many people, fill your basket with the individually wrapped ingredients from the table, pay, take home, assemble, chow down. 

We decided on Insalata di Farfalle mit Parmaschinken und Cantaloupe-Melone (Farfalle pasta salad with Parma ham and cantaloupe). What else goes together better than Pharma ham and melon, I ask you? Oh and arugula... it wouldn't be the same without the arugula leaves. The recipe looked simple and required no actual cooking aside from pasta boiling, which was a good thing for a slightly warm summer day.  We were feeding four, the price per person was listed as €3.90. 

Alas, we have no photos of the lovely salad, only the pre-prep pic to the left. Our guests arrived a mite bit early and we were busy doing last minute preparation.

How it worked out: Interesting. The idea is solid, the store environment is comfortable, the ingredients were all at their peak of freshness/readiness, the prices are not cost-prohibitive, the end result was very tasty. 

Downside: Seemed a bit extreme to charge .50 for the recipe card, but I can actually understand. I assume that folks would just walk around collecting the cards. 

Well, the individual packaging idea is a great one for so many convenience-based reasons. But of course all of that extra packaging has to go somewhere... At least here in Germany we have a FANTASTIC system for collection and recycling of plastics. This reduces my guilt a bit.

Other thoughts: I liked that you could order and enjoy some of the recipes at a little (and I mean little), cafe within the store. 

The wine suggestion to go with each recipe is quite reasonable.

They offer an Internet-based delivery service, (Schöneberg only at this time).

Starters, salads, soups, vegetable or pasta dishes, fish/meat courses, deserts are all available in one location. Go to the back of the store and select your wines... you are good to go for a six course soirée

Anyone can make an excellent meal with the right ingredients and guidance... Kochhaus is simply providing a bit of both.

Kochhaus Schöneberg Akazienstraße 1
Kochhaus Prenzlauer Berg Schönhauser Allee 46
Kochhaus St. Georg Lange Reihe 60, 20099 Hamburg


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Goofball said...

interesting concept, would be very helpful for me...for inspiration & convenience. My husband, the sous-chef in the house, would be horrified though to see his cooking inspiration decided for him