Friday, August 3, 2012

Moments of Frivolity

In the past I have been accused of being frivolous. It is a trait I own up to willingly. My rainbow Koosh cost more than any toy has a right to, but it is my favorite "handtoy" when I need that perfect word, or fantastic phrase at the office.

But this most recent purchase is likely to make folks shake their heads and wonder what kind of of cracked reality I live within.

Photojojo is a shop filled with fun things... both frivolous and useful. They send me lovely e-mails and tell me about the interesting, useful, fun and generally frivolous photo-related items which I can have delivered directly to my door. Rarely do I take them up on their offers. But this was an exception.

Meet my new espresso friend. It is sold as a shot glass... but let me tell you  it will get much more action on my work desk as a caffeine carrier.

The big boy pictured on the left is a mug as well. It is insulated and holds my daily libation as I slave away. This has been the subject of many pre-meeting conversations. And that stunning piece of glass on the right is a real lens... Yes a Nikkor 24-70mm 1:2.8G ED wondrous light-producing, do everything but wipe my ass, lens.

Both of these cute little "toys" are modeled from this lens. 

Photojojo generally has an attention to detail which borders on too cutesy. Every order comes with a plastic dinosaur (found in the top pic). The invoice itself lists this item as "Rawwwrrrrrrr", costing 0.00. Cute, yet still understated. And a cheap way of making the customer remember which company it was they've ordered from.

Next take a look at the box in which the espresso cups came. Since they sell it as a shot glass, they've adorned the box with common toasts, "cheers", "mazel tov", etc. Do you think we should tell them that Proust was a French novelist and not the correct spelling of the German !Prost!?

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Goofball said...

aaah I've seen those before. Super!

stevenglassman said...

The little dino reminds me of one of my favorite t-shirts: