Thursday, February 14, 2013

American Love Exiles Take Refuge in Germany

As a way of celebrating Valentine's Day, fellow expat Courtney Tenz interviewed the celebrated Honourable Husband and myself along with several other sources. She then put together a very enjoyable article as a way to expose our "love exile" plight to a wider audience. 

I think it is quite informative, and explains very simply why I am living in Germany and not in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, (you know, where all men are created equal). Why no, of course I'm not bitter. 
Read the article at Deutsche Welle English. post signature


Anonymous said...

It's a good article. I hope that the US will soon change its policies on both same-sex marriage and immigration. It's really frustrating that you and No have had such problems.

Hugs to you both - and happy valentine's day! Hope you had a nice celebration of your love!

stevenglassman said...

I agree; good article.

I just recently learned of the existence of the Lebenspartnerschaft. In my German language course, no less.