Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The New Vespa

Well we did it ! We picked up our new Vespa and finally had some time to ride it. Got it Thursday night and immediately needed some handling exercise. N. hopped on and used her legs to walk it, and I pushed it back behind the Roller-Scholz building to the Lidl parking lot.

I was the first to try it out, and what a jump that was! I donned my new flower helmet and N’s Father’s old motorcycle jacket started ‘er up and took off in a whoosh! It is quite new so the engine needs to be run-in, which makes it kinda stink. Also the idling wasn’t quite adjusted yet, so it kept stalling out. That’s ok, lots of chances to enjoy that electronic start! It also has a kick start, but I haven’t been that brave yet.

N. drove it home and just about froze in the process. We’d had the forethought of the thick jacket, but not enough for gloves… her hands were like ice. When we got closer to home it was my turn to try it out again so we headed toward another Lidl… what would we do without Lidl? I got my first chance to take it above 25KPH and enjoyed it a LOT. It made sense to practice the stopping and starting, so I did a lot of that as the sun completely disappeared and my hands became more and more frozen.

Soon we decided it was time to call it a day and called N’s parents who were waiting outside of our building when we arrived. They congratulated us and I could see a little jealousy in N’s Mom’s eyes… I think she would really enjoy something like this. N’s Dad had also been getting into the spirit of buying a bike and told me all about his latest test drive on a monster motorcycle. Sorry, don’t know the make/model or I would include it here. By the way, he ended up buying thatmotorcycle this past weekend… next weekend we will go pick it up in Wittenberg.

We really look at each other every once in a while and wonder how we could come to this decision so quickly… we take longer to decide on a shirt. But it seemed so quick from the time we first talked about it to the time we were driving it. Along the way we had to buy helmets and gloves and a jacket for me. All in all it has come close to the cost of a decent used small car… but I must say that it is MUCH COOLER!!!


jen said...

Awesome. I have ALWAYS wanted a vespa. My lack of coordination has my faily worried enough to ensure that no one will let me get one.

next time I'm in berlin, we should go get a coffee. I'd love to sit and chat with you sometime.


J said...

I missed this post. Another biker! Coolness!