Thursday, January 3, 2008

You Can Tell A Lot About a Person...

My Mother always used to say that you could tell a lot about a person by how they handle toilet paper. No, she didn't mean the act of wiping... simply the act of kindness that is changing out an empty roll.

She told me once that you should never settle down with someone who would leave you an empty roll. The reasoning is simple, if they won't consider your needs/feelings/requirements in the most simple of places, will they consider you in other areas at all?

It was her idea to reserve a special place in H E double hockey sticks for a person that would use the last of the roll and leave no backup roll anywhere within reach.

Throughout my life I have held this very interesting thought process close to my heart. When I would run across people that have less than stellar bathroom manners, I've done my best to steer clear of them. You know what, Mom is right! Those people with thoughtless behavior in the bathroom end up being the same ones that will shit on you in life (figuratively of course).

Case in point. I know a woman who is generally in this game called life only to serve herself. Although thankfully I've never been on the receiving end of her "crappy" behavior (sorry, couldn't resist), I recently found myself hit squarely in the face with her less than thoughtful bathroom etiquette.

The restroom in our area has two "closets" for the ladies, and I was waiting in line to get into the first one available. As the door burst open I saw immediately that it was the aforementioned person in all of her whooshing glory. I say whooshing because she doesn't walk so much as glide wherever she goes... reminding me a bit of Cruella DeVille.

My first thought was, "I wonder what she thinks about having to share the "john" with the little people?" Don't get me wrong... she really isn't any better than others in the office... she isn't really higher in the hierarchy than many... she just has that air about her that lets you know that you are considered one of the little people.

The other toilet room was still being used, so I nodded at Cruella after her acknowledgment of my existence, and worked my way into the recently vacated room. It is always my habit to check the status of toilet paper before sitting down (I've been burned a time or two). On this day my routine worked out for the best because I saw immediately that Miss de Ville had left not only no paper on the roll... but there was no paper on the "backup post" which normally holds two rolls. Even more ironic was that there was a completely new, unopened package of toilet paper sitting in its customary location on the top of the cabinet in the room.

Anyone ON the toilet could probably stretch over to the cabinet and grab a new paper roll of course... but that is not the point... the point is that a normal person using the last of the roll would hopefully consider the others around her... In this case it was once again proven that Mom was right.

So now you can ask yourself...
How are your bathroom manners?
What about the ones you love?


ER Nurse Betty said...

-mine are excellent. My kids--not so good... I love your Mom's advice.

Patty said...

Mom knows best.
Love your posts.

tqe / Adam said...

Interesting--I never considered toilet paper, but I am always aware of inconsiderate people who think they are the center of the universe.

I saw a European woman once put her stuff under the seat behind her, right in front of a flight attendant. When the FA pointed out that she should put it under the seat in front of her, she said, "That is not very convenient."

Apparently it was more convenient to block the leg room of the person behind her.

Christina G said...

That's a good rule, although I think I'm more annoyed by the hoverers. They're so grossed out by having to sit on a toilet seat, so they spray all over it and don't even consider cleaning afterwards. This was expecially irritating when I was 9 months pregnant, had to go IMMEDIATELY, and was unable to hover. I guess the thought doesn't cross their minds that there are people out there who will use the toilet after them who can't hover and will be forced to wipe up their pee. Ugh. Okay, gripe over ;-)

Snooker said...

@ Nurse Betty - I guess it all depends on how old your kids are, eh?

@ Patty - Well, at least she knows best about this... ;)

@ Adam - I too have witnessed some of the most insensitive things humanly possible while on this side of the pond... not to say I haven't seen my share in the States as well.

@ Christina - AHHH the HOVERERS! Yes, I sincerely hope there is a separate hell for hoverers. I am rather short, and 7 out of 10 times hovering just isn't possible. Thus I get to clean up after the last seat-paranoid, misinformed, inconsiderate woman! Hey, this is a post all its own.

Shazza said...


Love this post! I definitely agree with your Mom - toilet/bathroom etiquette is something you need to pay attention to.

We could get into that whole "over and under" toilet paper roll conversation, but will save that for another time!!!

Thanks for stopping by!