Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Red-faced in NYC

Have you ever heard of a person coming to New York City and getting a sunburn?... Me either. But N. and I have both managed to get red faces.

Yesterday was the St. Patrick's Day Parade (pictures later), and we sat facing the sun - which was glorious after the cloudy wet mess from the day before - and must have gotten just a bit too much of the good stuff. When we stopped for a bite to eat - TGIFridays, never again - we both noticed that we had a healthy glow... with mine giving me the lovely red nose of a drunk leprechaun. That nose coupled with the green fur cap with shamrocks garnered me lots of funny looks and knowing smiles.

Oh well, no worries for continued sun burns... today looks nasty, grey and wet.

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Diane Mandy said...

Red faced, but it sounds like your having fun. It's one of my favorite cities. Enjoy!