Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tourists in Pennsylvania

My brother is a cook, and we are being WELL FED!!

Thanks to my jr. high school buddy Jodie for cluing me in about the free wi-fi at the Giant Eagle supermarket of all places, I'm able to connect to the wired world again!

It is SO strange being here in Somerset, PA again. It really is an odd thing to come back to the place I grew up after all of these years. The accent of the people I know and love sounds very strange to my mid-western ears. The streets seem to have changed, some of the buildings are gone, the people are much the same though.

Oh well, N. is finished with the grocery shopping, I must be going.

Pics coming soon, I promise.

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G in Berlin said...

Very funny. I have actually been in a Giant Eagle: it was a tourist stop when the German and I went to a friend's wedding in a small town outside Pittsburgh. He had done a bit of a High School exchange there and I guess that's where the HS kids without cars met...