Tuesday, June 3, 2008

K.D. Eric and Tina... Oh My!

WoW! It is going to be quite a year!
My dear, sweet N. has outdone herself. We had been talking (read, Snooker had been jumping up and down) about the news of Tina Turner coming back for another round of concerts.

When we finished the conversation I didn't think that there was much chance of further movement on the topic. We talked about how expensive tickets were, and how our future holidays would cost so much money... I didn't think that Tina stood a chance.

Early the next morning N. called saying that tickets would go on sale in an hour but she had found some way to reserve them in advance. "What price class would you like?", she asked sweetly. OMG! You're kidding! She was getting ready to buy them, and my heart was palpitating.

But she was ordering tickets! The next thing out of her mouth almost put me on the floor. "So while I'm here I should probably just go ahead and get the Eric Clapton tickets too." OK, my knees got weak... I didn't really fall on the floor although I certainly felt like it was going to happen. Then I tried in my very best -I'm not really blown away- voice to say something like, "um, sure... it would be reasonable".
Of course all this time I'm remembering K.D. Lang in Amsterdam (previous post), and the fact that Tina won't be in Berlin until January 2009 (a few days after our - yes, we share one - birthday). This is going to be quite a year!

I've seen both of them before. Tina was the reason the Ex and I took a Vegas jaunt in April of 2000 for the Twenty-Four-Seven tour, and she was absolutely FANTASTIC! I mean come on, she's sold more concert tickets than any other solo performer ever. There is just something about her!

My experience with Clapton on the other hand was a 2005 show that I didn't have to drag N. to, she actually really likes him. He of course has many decades of music to cover and always does a fabulous job of getting the crowd behind him. I love that he's moved toward the blues edge of his play list with the concerts. What impressed me the most was the people that he brought with him. Robert Cray was the opening act, and was asked back to the stage several times during Eric's set which was great! Eric also had some fantastically talented new artists with him that made the show all the more interesting.

May I just say that I'm VERY EXCITED!!!

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Diane Mandy said...

I am so excited for you!!!!