Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update on my human training progress

Me again.
Let me assure you that my stay in this hotel is OK, the servants are nice, the food is good (mozzaralla once in a while for desert), and I have the whole couch to myself whenever I want. What else does a cat need?

OH, and the toilet facilites, well Grandpa is better than my other main human. He actually cleans it everytime I hop out of it. Yesterday I got in and out without doing anything just to watch him jump up to check. HaHa!

My main human slaves must be far away, something about a HUGE catbox alongside an ocean. I wonder when they will come back? That's OK, I will just have to keep my temporary slaves on their toes by puking in different, hidden places every day.

Well, I feel a cat nap coming on. I'll go see if the dining room table is comfortable at all.

I will leave you with this human training video. Training like this everyday will soon result in absolutely perfect human behavior.

You can't look at a sleeping cat and be tense. -- Jane Pauley

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tqe | Adam said...

Hi Frank! I love the video and I'm glad to hear your human training is coming along nicely...

honeypiehorse said...

I love this video! Our cat is totally like that.

CrackerLilo said...

Yeah, Frank! Show your temps who's boss! I hope your regular servants are enjoying their vacation. I know you'll keep them on their toes when they get back.

Goofball said...

hahaha Frank, keep on hopping in and out the litter box to spook them :)